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Mastercare Masking Paper

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MHP sells only the highest quality Kraft Masking Paper. We are completely independent and are therefore able to assess market conditions and obtain the highest quality raw materials available.

All our paper is, quite simply, the best you will find in the marketplace. It has a high wet strength and has been specifically manufactured for paint masking, is porosity tested and is tightly bonded with little or no fibre contamination. It gives excellent resistance to base coats, clear coats and urethanes. Our paper also offers enhanced hold out to ultra-high solids and is excellent for water-based paints.

We only use 50gsm paper for our Kraft Masking paper as in our opinion, anything thinner substantially increases the risk of bleed.

Please note that a 1 metre Square of 50gsm masking paper contains:

10% more paper than a 45gsm paper - that’s 10% more protection.

20% more paper than a 40gsm paper - that’s 20% more protection.

From our market research, you will pay more for a 40gsm than a 50gsm. That means you could pay more for less protection!


Additional information


6" – 200mtrs, 12" – 200mtrs, 18" – 200mtrs, 24" – 200mtrs, 36" – 200mtrs, 48" – 200mtrs


Please click on the link to view or download the specification document




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