Moldex Re-Useable Half Mask Respirator Body

Moldex Half Mask Respirator Body

Moldex Re-Useable Half Mask Respirator Body

Manufactured from Kraton rubber, the re-usable Moldex 8002 half mask face piece offers the wearer a soft and comfortable face seal. The respirator provides high performance protection with low maintenance and is purpose designed for enhanced wearer comfort and improved field of vision, whilst also being lightweight and easy to fit.

In addition, the 8002 half mask face piece is extremely versatile, and can be used for gas/vapour protection, gas/vapour particulate protection, or just particulate protection, depending on which combination of adaptors and cartridges are used.

The replaceable gas filter cartridges have built-in inhalation valves so are automatically renewed with each new cartridge.

The Moldex 8000 series gas cartridges can be combined with replaceable particulate filter discs by use of the particulate filter holder 8090 (S721301) which clips onto the gas cartridge. Or the mask can be used just as a particulate filter respirator by using the particulate filter cartridge 8095 (S721302) and relevant P1, P2 and P3 filter discs.

Approved to EN141


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