Moldex Filter Disc P2SL for

8172 Respirator

Moldex Filter Disc P2SL

Moldex Filter Disc P2SL

The Moldex 8172 mask can be adapted for use just as a particulate filter respirator by using the particulate filter cartridge 8095 (S721302) and relevant P1, P2 and P3 filter discs.

The 8095 cartridge pushes into the 8000 body in place of the gas cartridge, turning it into a re-usable particulate respirator.8172 – FFA1 P2RD. Organic gases / vapours with BP>65ºC, plus protection against fine toxic dusts, mists and fumes e.g. paint spraying (not isocyanates), working with hardwood, glass fibre and plastics, metalworking and welding.

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Moldex Filter Disc P2SL is available in the following options:

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