Moldex Dust Mask FFP2 D

Moldex Dust Mask FFP2 D

Moldex Dust Mask FFP2 D

The Moldex 2405 FFP2 face mask is part of the “Classic Series of FFP’s” from Moldex, who first introduced the patented DuraMesh®-Design and the Ventex®-Valve.

The DuraMesh® shell within the Moldex 2405 face mask ensures optimum shape retention, durability and protection and is far superior to that of unsupported filtering face pieces.

The Ventex®-Valve on the Moldex 2405 face mask uses low pressure valve technology to optimise airflow, reducing the temperature, moisture vapour and exhaled carbon dioxide inside the mask.

For Hazard Type: Toxic dusts, fumes and water-based mists. Example: Working with hardwood, glass fibres and plastic (non PVC), metalworking and welding. Standard: EN149:2001 FFP2. Maximum use level: 10 x OELMoldex 2405 face mask.

Moldex Dust Mask FFP2 D is available in the following options:

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20 per Pack

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