White Compounding Foam

150 X 50mm Velcro

The motion of an Orbital polisher differs considerably from a Rotary machine and with a 2″ thick pad this vibration can cause a ripping motion. A Rotary Polisher machine on the other hand causes constant pressure in one direction. (Note that a DA sander should never be used as these run at up to 13,000 RPM or more which is far too fast for polishing!)

For Orbitals we suggest you use a 1″ thick flat surface pads as a Coolshine surface will serve little purpose due to the limited motion of the sponge on the machine.


  • Perfectly Centred
  • Recessed foam protects paintwork
  • Integrated Interface Layer for extra durability
  • Max RPM 2,500

Use with our foam support pads 36350 (M14) or 36355 (5/8) which sit within the recess of the foam.

White Compounding Foam Velcro is available in the following options:

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150 X 50mm Velcro

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