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masking papers

Masking Paper Hand Rolls MHP

MHP supplies only the highest quality kraft Masking Paper. We are completely independent and are therefore able to assess market conditions and obtain the highest quality raw materials available.


masking polythene

POLY6M - Top Gun White Polymasque X 6m

MHP’s masking polyethene provides an economic solution to masking large areas. Manufactured to give maximum strength but remain as light as possible.


CARDMC - 600cc Calibrated Card Cups MHP

Graduated in accurate metric measurements. Additional accurate graduations for adding thinners, hardener, etc. Base inside cup is flat for easy stirring. Lids are available to keep paint clean and reduce evaporation.

blue tissue rolls

MR2 - Blue Monster Twin Ply Tissue MHP

Excellent for grease, oil, dirt. Twin ply tissue.

paint stripper

PS500GEL - Paint Stripper GEL 500ml MHP

Environmentally friendly paint and varnish remover. Clear and easy to apply gel. Clings to vertical surfaces with a long lasting stripping action.


paint strainers

PSM - Paint Strainers Medium MHP

Lint-free synthetic media, custom woven for uniformity and consistency of pore size. Unique, reinforced filter tip that provides truer colour match by allowing all the paint to be strained, leaving nothing in the tip.


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